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Welcome to the webpage of Virtual Creations

We provide professional web development for companies and agencies. Moreover we develop audio software for common sequencers.

Being aware of trends

Landscape format is a new trend. Today's mobile devices and monitors are constructed in the 16:9 format, since landscape format is much more ergonomic and comfortable to look at.

Widescreen & HTML5

This trend was captured by Virtual Creations with its new HTML5 webpage. The CMS that does the work in the background allows you to create visually dynamic webpages in a simple and playful way - with multimedia contents and transition effects. This CMS is the perfect engine for your sophisticated web presentation. Please sit back and enjoy the products by Virtual Creations.

New CMS-Feature:
HTML5 History

2014-01-28 - CMS products now support HTML5 history

Our CMS products Visonary CMS as well as REDy Pro CMS now completely support the feature "HTML5 history". The hash sign now completely disappears from the url on web pages that reload parts of the content by utilising asychronous technology (AJAX). This feature works on all browsers that fully support the HTML5 standard.

All client's web pages using asynchronous loading of content now take advantage from this feature for free. The urls on their web pages now appear more simple on common browsers as well as the iPad. The overall impression is now more harmonious.

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Audio Plugin Elite Reducer 2.1 released

2013-07-18 - A new Elite Reducer 2 for Mac OSX AU / VST

The bitcrusher/reducer AU/VST effect "Elite Reducer 2" was updated to version 2.1 and is also available now for Mac OSX starting from version 10.5 / Intel. The Windows version was modernized as well. The plugin has received strong optimizations regarding the quality and stability.

Changes in detail

  • First OSX build, support for Audio Unit and VST
  • Added VSTGUI 4.1 beta and support for Cocoa
  • Added 64bit binary support (Universal)
  • Optimized anti-denormal-algorithm
  • Improved rate-reducer and bit-reducer
  • Interpolation variants are now Linear, B-Spline and Fake-Sin
  • Various optimizations, better default presets

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New redesign for our homepage

2013-06-01 - Beta version published

The new homepage has been completed. Simultaneously to this development we also finished the new webpage engine which now can be utilized for media-heavy clients' webpages.  This new CMS system named "Visionary CMS" is escpecially useful for web agencies with a focus on design. It allows to create pages that would otherwise be made in Adobe Flash. It can deliver dynamic contents to HTML5 as well as to Flash. You will find a licence model for the usage of the new CMS system very soon on this page.

Update of the web design references 2010

2011-02-14 - The power of Actionscript- and PHP-framework programming

Our work from 2010 was added to the area of references. We worked for numerous clients, including: Audiofactory, Heye Digital Lab, Vesch Multimedia, Flow4, Econosoft, Olympus, Wernesgrüner, Casio, Burdafood... This year belonged to advanced Actionscript- and PHP-programming using frameworks like Symfony 1.4, PureMVC and special client's custom frameworks.

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