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Audio Plugins

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This plugin is a high end volume and filter chopper plugin. You can strongly improve sounds like surfaces or rhythms with a 16-steps sequencer and interpolation options. The usage of this plugin can be learned intuitively and enables you to create experimental sounds.


Version 1.3.1 free

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funkFX will turn every guitar sound into funky stuff. Even plugged on synthetic sounds, it sounds funky. You can use it as a wah-wah filter with a special character. There are a volume sensor and a LFO controlled resonance filter assembled to the effect.


Version 1.3 free

New version!

For Mac OSXFor WindowsFor VSTFor AU
<strong>3Li73</strong> Reducer

This effect is a very compact bit/samplerate-reducer with pre- and after cutoff filters. It gives you the ability to let rhythms sound more creaking and tonal sound more electronical. Artists with a focus on Electro/Techno use reducers to get the unique "LoFi"-sound for the productions.

Version 2.1 now comes with 3 new interpolation algorithms, lp/hp switches, 3x3 types of reduction and improvements! Read included docs for detailed infos. It's freeware, try it now!

3Li73 Reducer

Version 2.2B

For Mac OSXFor WindowsFor VSTFor AU

UltraPhazer is a multi oscillated phaser plugin for Windows and OSX hosts. It sounds very cool on guitar tracks and on raw saw sound. But also a very subtile phazer effect can be generated with this plugin. It can also be used as stereo enhancer and auto panner.

This plugin is freeware. Version 1.4 comes with a lot of bugfixes and more stability.


Version 1.5B