UltraChopper 2 audio plugin

UltraChopper 2 audio plugin

Volume and filter modulation effect

Donation ware!


UltraChopper is a high quality modulation effect which offers manipulation of volume, filter cutoff and resonance with a 10x16 step sequencer. It's simple and it enables you to make exciting modulations e.g. spherical sounds or rhythms. This would hardly be possible using the sequencer‘s automation curves.

The effect provides you with two lowpass, two highpass and one bandpass filter. The values of the sequencer can be interpolated variably. The effect also delivers a shuffle/swing functionality, a speed mulipicator and a global filter and resonance manipulation.

Try the freely available demo version and listen to the example sounds.


Supported systems

  • OSX 10.6 - 10.10
  • AU/VST for OSX
For Mac OSXFor VSTFor AU


  • Internal 32-bit-floating-point calculation
  • Smooth interpolation, click-free
  • 16-step-sequencer for cutoff, resonance and volume
  • 10 patterns per pPreset
  • 5 filter algorithms, 2 x LP, 2 x HP and BP
  • Variable filter- and volume interpolation
  • Overall cutoff und -resonance knobs
  • Speed multiplikator from 1x to 8x
  • 1/16th variable  shuffle/swing
  • Standard preset bank

Step sequencer

You can set the volume, filter and resonance values using the 16th step sequencer. The multiplicator knob allows you to multiply the speed. The shuffle/swing knob makes 16th rhythm grooves possible, which is essential e.g. for the making of house music.

Filter algorithms

There are two different filter algorithms available, each in the variations lowpass, highpass and bandpass. The filter values can be interpolated using the knob FSsmooth to get smooth transitions.

Product sheet

Plugin typeModulation effect
Principle of functionModulation/chopping of volume, filter and resonance
SystemMac OSX (VST, AU)
InterfaceVST 2.4, AU
Calculation depthFloat 32 bit
Address space32/64 bit Mac OSX

This software is now donationware and OSX only. If you like it and use it, please consider donating any amount of money.