REDy Pro! PHP5 / SQL Content Management System - free of charge

It knows all the dodges

The content management system 'REDy Pro' is a very flexible system for a lot of purposes on webpages. It is an outstanding system because of its high performance and latest technologies which can compete with todays open source systems. REDy stays slim and nevertheless provides a lot of possibilities. The management component of REDy impresses with intuitive learnability. The client can easily maintain and update content, structure as well as multimedial objects with it.

REDy has proven it worth on more than twenty clients' webpages as a lightweight all round talent.

Technical advance

Towards the usual cms system like Contao, Typo3 or Wordpress REDy Pro provides you with a lot of advantages. Page contents can be loaded completely thru AJAX (asynchronous Javascript and XML), optionally. This means that the complete webpage does not need to be reloaded completely with a page refresh every time, but only the areas that change. The character of a table disappears, the loading time will be reduced and the flow of the presentation will be improved.

REDy offers you a complete communication system for flash contents with which arbitrary elements or even the whole page can be replaced with dynamical flash components. At the same time the system stays search engine compatible.

For web designers REDy is a pleasant experience: The structure of the modules and its underlying template engine Smarty is arranged in a way that extensions can be implemented very quickly and compactly. Because of this, the client saves follow-up costs, too.

Flexible enough

Next to the usual webpage types REDy is highly recommended for the following types of webpages:

Web-presentation of small and medium companies - REDy offers popular standards like News, Google-Maps, Picasa gallery, connections to external databases, rights management and sharing, closed areas, linkage to social media services. Also a mointpoint system makes the operation of several webpages within one installation possible.

Webpages for musicians, bands, labels and multimedia content - REDy is perfectly suitable for webpages with a music player which can resist over a page refresh thanks to REDy‘s AJAX abilities. So the visitor can retrieve further content while listening.

A webpage made with REDy

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Technical features

  • Various roles of rights like admin, editor, managing editor
  • User groups, sharing of sub pages per user
  • Multiple webpages within one system using mountpoints
  • Intuitively understandable administration interface
  • Modules like news, calendar, chat, Google Maps, Picasa
  • Closed areas with password protection
  • Multilingual, compatible to seo standards, html5 meta tags
  • Complete html5 support, e.g. html5 history
  • High performance because of optimized, compact code and caching system
  • Tree inheritance of whole pages or sections
  • Utilization of the Smarty-template-engine, output filters like Tidy
  • Backend/Admin area in German and English
  • Speaking Urls: Direct-Url- and Ajax-Url-mechanisms
  • Unproblematic inclusion into web-/event-tracking-systems like Google-Analytics
  • Search engine XML sitemaps, RSS Feeds of news
  • Optional dynamical Flash contents thru a XML frontend, compatible to search engines
  • Optional partially reloading of subpages or sections (using AJAX)
  • Optional centrally located remote administration thru separated Backend for ultimate up-to-dateness
  • PHP 5.3 or newer

Structural overview

The overview page visualizes all sub pages in a tree structure. You can manage, copy, move to the trashcan or relink sub pages in this view. If there are multiple webpages in one system, each page will appear with its own root node. The area on the right displays system messages informs about maintenance jobs and last actions.


Editing of content

The content will be arranged in sub pages. Every type of content can consist of an individual editing form, depending on the requirements. The layout of the webpage will be divided into content areas which are selectable in the sketch above. The content of one area can be inherited to sub pages.
The content can be fixed by an editor firstly, to be released or refused by a chief editor later. The test version of the webpage is visible in a preview function. Changes will be only visible to the visitor after release.


Media library

Multimedia content together with documents or downloads can be managed in the media library using a search mask. You can easily trace a special document within a large number of documents.



The extension of the CMS functionality is easily feasible. As standard a News module is included which allows to maintain news intuitively.

Moreover there are a lot of extensions available already, like galleries, management of immovables, a music player, dynamic faq list, a forum and much more.

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