HTML5 / PHP5 / AJAX content management system Visionary CMS based on Symfony Framework. Flash-CMS, too.

What is Visionary?

The Visionary CMS is a content management system which was developed especially to satisfy the HTML5 standard. HTML5 is a recent browser‘s standard which makes it possible to deliver multimedia contents simply and cross-system wise to the client.

Visionary is based on the programming technical MVC-Framework Symfony which leads to a very organized, safe and simply extensible programming structure. Visionary uses all features of PHP 7 or higher, exactly like Symfony does, too.

The frontend component of Symfony, which composes the modules and provides them for animations, is based on the javascript library jQuery. So Visionary is highly prepared for the web's future.

Why is Visionary so special?

Visionary delivers content to browsers in an especially organized way . This enables transition effects that depend on the display mode and on the kind of content. The site designer only has to take care of animations. All other required information will be served to him on a "silver platter", packaged into an event system.

The frontend engine offers page-wise reloading using AJAX, so the visual flow of the webpage is not interrupted by antiquated page refreshs anymore.

If the frontend engine is deactivated, for example while using a browser without javascript, the system will display a normal webpage without any required adjustments or switches.

Visionary takes care of standards

Visionary takes care of standards that are established in the content management industry like multilingualism, modular extensibility, richtext editing, direct url mechanisms or variant types of administration roles. Visionary is completly SEO- and search engine compatible.

The Visionary CMS is an HTML5-CMS, Flash-CMS, Symfony-CMS and AJAX-CMS at the same time. It is capable of delivering HTML5 content to the browser directly or XML to a Flash/Actionscript 3 engine.

Who is Visionary made for?

Visionary is the right system for elaborated, highly designed webpages. Therefore it is especially attractive for web agencies with a focus on these kind of pages.

A usage licence of Visionary will be available for selected web agencies soon. Please ask for further information.

We offer you support and training for the base system. We understand Visionary as a dynamically growing system. Clients can take influence by communicating their wishes and requirements.

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Technical features

  • Based on Symfony 1.5, PHP 7.2, Propel 1.6 database abstraction
  • Operation in neighbourhood to other Symfony plugins possible
  • HTML5-frontend based on jQuery 1.8 or newer
  • XML-frontend for pure Flash webpages (only on special demand)
  • Animations system and page-wise AJAX-relaoding of contents
  • Speaking URLs, direct-URL mechanisms for easy linking
  • Complete HTML5 support, e.g. HTML5 history
  • Frontend's output run capable without Javascript
  • Completly compatible to XML-sitemaps for search engines
  • Support of common SEO-standards
  • Backend runnable on mobile devices, especially iPad
  • Flexible and minimal module structure for easy learnability
  • Richtext-editor with inline-images
  • Extensive possibilities of replication of content objects
  • Smooth creation of page templates
  • Symfony standards like forgot-password, extensive search data records, debugging, multilingualism
  • Media library for image, video, audio and download
  • Very fast and easy translation workflow

Structural view

The overview page visualizes all sub pages in an easily comprehensible way. This view also shows all used content blocks. Just as all objects can be moved using simple drag'n'drop gestures.


The editor

A feature of the CMS is a Richtext editor which allows the usage of inline images. Standard formatting like tables or lists are easily practicable. There is a html sourcecode view for experts.


The media library

The media library allows you to manage, upload and delete media objects like images, downloads, audio or video. It also shows you where in the content of the webpage the media objects are used.


Intelligent modular structure

The display modules can be wrapped into blocks using the module and blocks management views. This allows us to pattern the kinds of contents.


Turbo inplace editor

Contents and translations can be set or corrected in a very fast way with just a double-click, thanks to the inplace editor. That's why an extremely easy translation workflow is possible.

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